The College Of Certified Psychophysiologists provides full and partial scholarships to Military Veterans, Public Service (Police/Fire/EMS) Personnel and those who do not have the financial means to seek higher education but have desire to learn how to help others.

We believe in paying it forward so the CPP established several scholarship programs for our Certificate Programs, Master Degree Programs and Doctorate Degree Programs.

We have partnered with non profit organizations such as Restored Heroes, 10-7 For Life, Camp My Way, Peace Keepers For Life and the Global Critical Incident Stress Foundation to name a few.

We acknowledge there are those individuals who have made extreme sacrifices in protecting our countries and our communities and want to recognize that by providing academic scholarships to those not having the financial means to get a graduate level education.

We invite individuals or corporations who would also like to pay it forward by helping sponsor an individual and contribute to our scholarship program. All donations are tax deductible and a charitable organization tax receipt is provided.